Insurance & self-funding

Health Insurance

Dr Menown is a fee-assured BUPA partner and registered with all UK/Ireland major health insurers including AVIVA, AXA-PPP, Benenden, Cigna Healthcare, CS Healthcare, H3, Laya, Simply Health, Standard Life, VHI, PRU Healthcare/Vitality, Westfield and WPA. Dr Menown invoices within recommended guidelines for each of the above companies.

Health insurance companies ask that you to obtain pre-authorisation from them prior to consultations and procedures.

Insurance excess payments should be made on the day of the clinic or within 30 days.


Consultations and investigations can be arranged on a self-funded basis. Please ensure that the estimate of fee from the clinic reception is acceptable prior to proceeding with a self-funded consultation or investigation. Accounts are settled on the day of the clinic.

Insurance codes

  • New consultation 20300
  • Review consultation 20310
  • 12 lead ECG 20110
  • Exercise stress treadmill 20130
  • 24hr tape (heart rate monitor) 20140
  • Patient activated event recorder (1 week monitor/loop recorder) 20141
  • Ambulatory BP monitor 20145
  • ECHO 64300
  • Transoesphageal ECHO 64302 (& x3510)
  • DC Cardioversion X5020
  • CT calcium score AA599
  • CT angiography AA388
  • Coronary angiogram (Cardiac catheterisation) K5000 or K6513
  • Coronary angioplasty (with stent) K4910 or AA959
  • Coronary angiogram and follow on angioplasty (with stent) on same day K5020 or AA961
  • Coronary angiogram and pressure wire on same day K6582
  • Coronary angiogram, pressure wire and angioplasty on same day K6581 or AA963
  • Coronary angiogram and intravascular ultrasound on same day K6590 or AA964